Bisexual and proud.

And allies!

This just in: “Ally” sees post about bisexual pride; decides to make sure they are getting praised as well.

Because an ally can’t very well simply reblog a post about bisexuality without making sure everyone remembers that they, the straight allies, exist too.

You can’t even make this shit up. 


God Damn Amazing. 


theejokersasylum asked:

Good job keeping racism alive bro! Fucking counter racist shit is unbelievable, being racist won't stop racism quit being ignorant. By the way what is your opinion on affirmative action being declared unconstitutional by the supreme court?

fyeahcracker answered:

I actually haven’t had brunch in my adult life, thanks for asking though! I’m pretty sure the last time I had brunch I was in elementary or middle school with my parents but maybe I’ll have brunch with my significant other soon, I’m not sure. I think brunch can be fun for the people going to eat but I know for a fact restaurant workers hate serving brunch (so I’ve heard) because it’s droolin’ babies, older people instead of young people they can relate to, a million people have to come back for the buffets etc. And I don’t work in food services but I feel for them y’know? I’m sooo empathetic about people having to deal with me in food services because I do enjoy coming back especially for powdered sugar treats.

Anyway though, yeah I do prefer purple to green grapes if I’m gonna be honest especially chilled like straight out the fridge. Someone was posting about that the other day and I thought “I like those too!” because I really do. It’s such a great snack. But I like the green color of green grapes compared to the purple color because the green ones are almost see through and then you look in the inside and it’s not hollow (obviously). It’s amazing. What a feat! But no, I have no interest in geology, why do you ask? Do you? Message back and let me know, thanks for this insightful question series!