why do white feminists think ‘BUT WE NEED MORE LEADING WOMEN IN THE ACTION GENRE’ is a good excuse to watch lucy do they honestly believe hollywhite just completely missed GRAVITY and the ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKING HUNGER GAMES FRANCHISE what do they think…


lipglosschaos asked:

Some asshole sent you guys a long hate message and you did respond with "I’ll just leave this here as shining example of white people." And I like your blog and agree with a lot of what you point out, but... hey, I'm white. I recognize and disagree with white privelege. I'm not anything like this douchenozzle, so I'd rather not be put in the same category of asshattedness as him. I wouldn't take a post of an African American guy with terrible grammar and say "A shining example of black people".

thisiswhiteprivilege answered:

I’ll just leave this here as a shining example of white people.